The credit\debit card line is perfect for mobile and landline callers wanting to escape high access charges to 087 numbers as it provides landline  access to our chat lines. Most of us these days have unlimited free calls to land lines! So much cheaper as you are avoiding access charges. We will never bill  your home address ensuring your privacy only the name 4D will show on your statement.


6p per min Chat Bar Via 02079660016

 Account Queries 02079663090

To set up an account please call: 02079660016 and  ask to have an account set up with The Chat Bar then use 02079660016 to access The Chat Bar. You can add up to 3 numbers  to your account  so you can call in on both mobile and land line numbers. You will be given an account and pin number so please keep this safe. If you have any issues or are given a different number or a different service then contact Rob Scrivener 07444031543,


Special welcome offer - Open an new account with £10 and we will add another £20 absolutely free!!  That's a bundle of 170 minutes of call time.  Which works out at 6p per min. You don’t have to use all of your minutes in one call - you can spread it over as many calls as you want!


Top-ups can be purchase in £10, £20 and £30 amounts.The minimum amount is £10 which will buy you 56 minutes of call time. If you spend £30 the computer will automatically give you an extra £10 completely free! Works out at 12 ppm